Why bother paying for beats?

Why bother paying for beats?

Hello fellow visitors.

Today we are talking about paid beats. Or paid instrumentals if you like.

This article goes to ones who about to chose side in buying or not buying beats. Don’t mention Star Wars here, because in Star Wars – each side was cool somehow. What I want to talk about is choosing between right and wrong. By wrong I mean a path which is leading nowhere and which distracts many rappers directly from start. By wrong I mean: get something from not spending anything.

If one knows value of things then he will know the value of his craft.

If one still didn’t happen to knew the value of things then most likely, he will fall under wrong influence.

When you know value of things it is good. By knowing real value – you respect others and get more respect from them.

Now, enough of this poetry.

What I wanna talk about is pretty simple: Do people who want to step up in the rap game have to buy their own beats and instrumentals? And if you reading this and thinking: – “Man, of course I buy beats and use them in my projects”. Then sir, you have my respect.

Now, for those who still thinking – “Why do I have to buy rap beats?”.

By using only free beats in your works – you might never access higher lever in your craft. Of course it is better to use free beats if you still not sure whether its yours or not.

Free beats don’t guarantee you the same level as exclusive beats. And by this I mean – after you purchase your first exclusive that you really liked – you will have more passion to write a verse to it, simply because you paid for it and you cant let it go down.

Second, even If you created verse and It’s going viral stacked with stolen beat, boy you have problems.

Conclusion is very simple:

– If you are newbie – You better stay with free instrumentals until you are ready to go hard.

But if you say you don’t have money to pay for your instrumentals while rocking that new hat – MAN YOU’RE JOKE.

Why bother paying for beats?
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