Buy Beats?

Why buy beats? – I’m not talking about famous headphones Dr.Dre is selling 🙂

What I wanna talk about is instrumentals for rapping. Should you pay for them and why. Now the main reason you should do so: if you are street inspired poet and respect the culture, why not support it with payment for production that you liked. By doing so you help another artist who produced beat/instrumental to grow, to buy new equipment, to buy coffee to stay awake and make more beats! Another reason will be: more professional approach, when you pay for production it could be legally used for making money from plays/downloads of your finished product.

But lets say that you are broke don’t have any income at the moment but have tons of rhymes which you created while being under influence of being without cash. Use that wisely! One very popular option: download free beats and rap all over them. Will it be wise decision? Maybe fast, but not wise.

Free beats is NO GO if you want to make serious release, especially on platforms like iTunes etc. There could be copyright claims and tons of other problems if legal owner of the beat/samples will show up.

If you are still reading this – here is one more option for you. If you happen to have rhymes and want to make a release – hook up with producer who you will team up with and start working.

This will include producing beats, recording rhymes, mixing and mastering tracks. After that, follows pre releasing part which include preparing artworks and wrapping the whole thing up. Finish line will be: releasing complete work to retailers worldwide such as iTunes etc. places where listeners can find it easily.

MINDS.COOL always looking for street inspired poets to work with. If you interested in cooperation and releasing -> contact now



Buy Beats?
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