Rap Beats Guide

Rap Beats Guide

Rap Beats Guide

Intel about rap beats for MC’s, rappers, poets, lyricists and all who interested. Here we go!

Free | Paid

paid vs free beatsYou probably wondered: – “If theres free beats, why should I ever pay for such product?”. Well, free options is always good, especially for folks who is low on budget. But if you can buy your own rap instrumental – don’t hesitate to do so, and here is why: Statistics say that there is 1 paid download against 30 free downloads. What that mean is: free beats create more competition for you. While only 1 person will be rocking unique beat – 30 others will try to step up in the rap game with overused free beat. Imagine a label guy who is browsing through same demos everyday and stumble upon something unique. Of course you can have your own style of rhyming which could skyrocket you to the top, but why risk it with free beats?

Another example when free beats could be harmful for your craft: Usually when I make beats – I use samples. If I did not cleared the sample – I release it as free because of copyright issues it could bring. Thats why theres non-profit notification on my free beats page. Never use free beats in commercial projects.

Knowing that and telling you like it is, I also try to keep prices for paid production as low as possible. Because it should be available and affordable worldwide.

Lease | Exclusive

If you even once searched for paid rap instrumental – you probably noticed that theres options available before purchase. Usually Lease and Exclusive to chose from. Pros and cons of both:


  • Very affordable
  • Fast delivery
  • Limited use
  • Average quality


  • Best quality
  • Unlimited use
  • Expensive
  • Slow delivery

Also various “lease plus” options could be available which is good because you have more freedom of choice. But it’s all based on two Lease and Exclusive. Don’t rush buying exclusive if you are not sure if it will go smoothly with your rhyming. But don’t hesitate do buy it right after the moment you know you can make a hit to it.

Hot Beats

rap beatsAnother fact I’d like to cover is about popular rap beats aka trap beats. As I write this article – market is overloaded with this type of production. From trap beats to [artist name] type beats, the reasons of such overloading is because music production gear is so available right now – everyone can make rap beats in their bedroom and upload them to the internet.

Before falling under influence of buying “hot beats” ask yourself one question: – If theres 100 people in room but only 1 with unusual look. Which person you’ll remember? Now imagine your EP or album being dropped to stores and it filled with type of production which is overused… I guess it will just sit there without any attention.

Don’t be fooled by media who suggest you to stick to “popular” style. If you chose to be like everybody else – then you’ll end up drowning in the sea where there are tons of artists drowning already.


Don’t think that beat is all that matters. It’s not.

If you want to have fun: grab mic, record some bars upon classic beat, give strong shoutouts to your homies and you are good! But if you seek commercial success – don’t think that it will be easy. If you are independent artist – reaching audience will take a lot of time and money. You’ll have to do marketing and self promotion all by yourself. Sign to label and they’ll do it for you but also squeeze all juice from you as well.

Also there various do’s and do-not’s in rap game. Like – “Fast rhyme over slow beat is right!” or “This kind of rhymes is not relevant”. You can listen to these but I suggest you to ignore such stereotypes. Also ignore whoever stopping you from doing your thing. It’s only you who will make the difference or wont make any difference at all. Do what you feel you should do! It’s all in your head.


Bonus video! How free beats are made! Enjoy!

Rap Beats Guide
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