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This article is about my love for oldschool.

mixtapeFor some time I was wondered: – How can I achieve a true classic beat like the ones I hear in golden era masterpieces. Some suggested various plugins and other digital shit and when I tried them – first thing that came to mind: this may sound oldschool, but its FAKE. Word “fake” can hurt your eyes when you’ll see it in this article, but thats how it is for me tho. At first, I don’t want to offend anyone.

If you reading this and slowly getting mad – relax. If you are producer or beatmaker who enjoy making music with computer and various DAW and VST and all that digital stuff – chill the fuck out. You do your thing and I’ll do mine.


Rap Beats @ MINDS.COOL CLASSIC BEAT STOREAt first I was into digital stuff myself. Started with famous Fruity Loops software and had a blast with it. After that was Logic and I liked it as well. Thanks to wise guys on the web – I dig some info about AKAI MPC devices, saw lots of videos and read many articles about it. And I decided to give it a shot.

It took some time before I found the device that was supposed to do the job – it was MPC1000. Fully standalone music production center. Why standalone? – Because when I started digging for hardware to make beats I was sure that whole process need to be made outside computer, in as many ways as possible.

Some say going fully standalone is crazy, because with MPC only you are limited to things such as small amount of FX, small user interface, polyphony and so on, but, thats the beauty of it!

Somehow when I’m limited to MPC interface and lacks of FX and other shit – I’m more creative and I like process way more than if Ill be doing same things on computer. I liked that stuff a lot. Needless to say that after purchasing MPC I mostly make exclusive beats with It only and just record them to computer via analog in/out.

At some point I was wondered once again. How can I add even more oldschool spirit in this. And solution came to mind:


I started digging for tape decks and found one in pretty good shape in my area. It was 1978 Technics 673 hi end tape deck. In late 70s when this deck came out – you probably needed to be Rockfeller to purchase one. But now, I just wonder what gems you can find for a decent price.

So I got 4 different cassettes with it and good analog audio cable to cut the unnecessary noise. With all that I went to recording.

Here is the very first beat that was recorded straight outta MPC to cassette and then digitised on computer:

As you can hear – it contains hiss and some crackle noise. Yes, they can be reproduced with computer software very closely. But getting this very sound with oldschool gear has the right spirit. And I need this spirit when it comes to making beats.

If any of you interested in getting your tracks sound this way – you can always send me message within purchase and ask if I can get your vocals recorded with beat on a tape and then digitise it. Or maybe just send you cassette. All of this can be arranged and Ill be glad to help.

Peace ya’ll!

P.S. Of course you cant walk away from computers. You need them. But producing with less interaction with one brings lots of fun.

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