Lease VS Exclusive

When you wander around web in search of rap instrumental – you will find tons of websites on which you can make a purchase of a beat you liked.  Usually there are two options when it comes to buying rap beats – lease and exclusive, now let’s break em down ->


Quick and affordable option, you pay small amount of money and get access to audio file, usually average quality file, mp3 in most cases but could be even uncompressed wav file which is better because audio stored in this format sound better than mp3. Main thing that you should know about lease is that even if you paid for it – it’s not 100% yours. Original creator of the beat still holding all rights for that track and you should consider these details when using leased beats in commercial releases. For example: if you purchased lease for beat, recorded rhymes over it and released it on iTunes as single – after lease term is over – legal owner aka creator of the beat can put pressure on you and even remove your work from iTunes if he wanted to do so. To avoid situation like this you should consider buying exclusive for instrumentals that you want to use in your commercial projects.


This one may be expensive but it will save you money in a long run if you are planning to release your work on major retail stores like iTunes, Google Play etc. Buying exclusive rights for rap instrumental that you will use in commercial project is a smart move. Once you bought exclusive it means that you are legal owner of that audio file. One thing you should be certain – that only cleared samples were used in instrumental. If it’s clear – you are all set to rock that beat and should not worry about any lawsuits in future.

Article about clearing samples coming soon 😉


Lease VS Exclusive
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