Lease VS Exclusive

Lease VS Exclusive

Instrumental beats Yo! MC’s, rappers, rhymers, this one is for you!

When it comes to original instrumental it usually ends up in buying one – which I respect.

Today we are talking about right thing. But choices had to be made before checkout – which one to buy actually, exclusive rights for instrumental or lease for limited use? Now lets break those down.

Making original instrumentalsBuying lease means you will have to pay less for instrumental and get what you paid for – usually good quality mp3 file and in some cases even bonus version of it. Plus you will have right to sell track limited amount of times. Seems good for couple $ deal! And it is.

Now about pros and cons of buying lease. Pros: definitely price and simplicity, you pay small amount of money and get instant access to file and you ready to rock! Now cons will probably be: while you was spiting rhymes to that fat beat – someone decided to buy exclusive of that beat, because you know, buying lease not guarantee that beat go off the shelf. And the one who bought exclusive – are the boss now! And after your limited license wear off – you have to remove your work from public access. To prevent this I recommend you to buy exclusive the next moment you understand that you can spit rhymes to that track. After you pay for exclusive – you will know you’ll have to finish it or die tryin’ (!)

Now exclusive… Man really? You want to know if exclusive license got any cons? Its not! Well, some people find exclusive rap beats very expensive, but not on my watch 😀


Buy instrumental. Thats the right thing.


Lease VS Exclusive
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