Software VS Hardware

Wuzzup! Talking ’bout hip-hop rap beats production here!

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For producers seeking information. I got something for you.

This “something” is comparable review of two different workflows:

First workflow is strictly software which include things like computer, DAW and various plugins and samples. Very good option if you are broke student, have nothing except computer with internet access, pair of headphones and willing to do something with music. It takes little effort to setup workflow like this, you just download your DAW, grab some plugins, open “how to” video on youtube and you are ready to produce your first masterpiece… Joke! You’ll need to spend a few hours just to setup the daw and figure out basics of how to use couple of buttons inside it. But if you eager to produce music – you will figure it out. The more time you spent on it – the better your skills will be. You’ll know how to create that special sound you looking for etc. Until one day…

Hip-hop rap beats made with mpc1000The day you understand that music instruments on your screen is no longer an option. You’ll seek for something new. A sampler, keyboard or maybe guitar or bass.

Second workflow I want to talk about is about hardware and real instruments. After I listened to some raw demo mixtapes I decided to give hardware a shot. And don’t regret it. The workflow which you get while rocking MPC, turntable, keyboards and guitars – is more pleasant. Not for all I guess, cause many producers stick to ONLY software even after trying hardware setups for a while. But in my case that was a blast! From time I figured out how to use MPC – I use DAW only to record full track to export it into mp3 after all work done on MPC. Some people say that MPC functionality is limited and thats true. But thats what keeping producer more interested in how to make that tune dope while you locked in limited functionality. Not to mention better sound which comes out of professional equipment such as MPC.

The choice is always yours

Stick with computer or use audio hardware. Cons of computer software workflow is that it will never sound as good as audio hardware sounds. And problem of hardware users is that hardware usually very expensive and you’ll spend quite a budget to please your addiction haha!


Software VS Hardware
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