Yo! Beats & Instrumentals seekers!

Todays article is about hiphop instrumentals and exclusive rap beats, or to be clear – about two versions in which beat can be recorded.

Recently I bought myself a very rare tape deck and even wrote an article about it called Mind The Hiss. A few days ago I was wondered, how people react to music recorded through such a vintage device?

And I came up with idea of an experiment. I made neutral sounding beat (not too dark, not too funky) and recorder it in two ways.

AKAI MPC 1000 REAR BACK1st way of recording was “ALL DIGITAL”, method based on recording audio track directly from MPC S/PDIF digital OUT port to digital IN into computer. It requires special digital cable which provides the most clear signal you can get through cable. It mean you get your audio track recorded to WAV format with zero hiss and zero damage or artifacts which can be added when recording through ANALOG cables, especially cheap ones. The result is: track was recorded very clear, all frequencies were bumping just like they bump on MPC, though signal were a little bit quiet so I just turned the volume up and saved it.

2nd way of recording was “OLD SCHOOL”, as I recorded same beat on a cassette with my vintage tape deck. Rewind the tape back, hooked analog audio cables from deck to computer and recorded same beat from tape to WAV. Volume levels were just the same as they was compared to “all digital” version of the beat.

Saved the whole thing to mp3 and uploaded it to social network.


Here is where my experiment took place. Audio track which has two parts, first part was all digital version, second part was recorded from tape. It was sent to various people from my friends list, all different tastes and [email protected] They were asked which part of beat were more pleasant to their ear. End here is results:

Most people said that 2nd part which is TAPE part was more pleasant to their ear. No wonder I only make friends with old school heads haha!!! But without any jokes – people who liked 2nd part of beat mostly listen to underground music. Different genres tho, but still underground mostly.

As for the first part of the beat which is “ALL DIGITAL” – a lot of people spoke for it too, and as it comes down to genres of music they listen to is that it mostly popular music.

So what information I got from this small experiment? People who stand for popular music – their ear automatically reject degraded audio such as recorded from tape (in this case). And people who mostly listen to underground stuff didn’t care about hi-fi at all. They enjoy tape sound, background noise, hiss etc. as far as music bumpin’

So, according to your audience you can predict which type of music they will enjoy better.

Feel free to ask any questions here. Peace!

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