Yo! Today we talk about sampling – ancient technique which comes in handy while making dope rap beats.

And also we discuss modern teenagers fear of being caught while rapping to sampled music. Stay tuned!

For those who don’t know – sampling is an act when producer take┬ásmall (large, in some cases) part from any other musical piece to use it in his own work.

Some people hate on sampling, but they don’t know whats up. Hip-hop based on this technique of creating music and you simply can’t beat it with synths, pianos and all that custom s**t!

GZA/Genius Wu Tang HiphopNow what I want to talk about is – does sampling really a legal thing? Well, from some point of view its basically stealing (starts evil laugh). If you are an artist well known worldwide and been caught with that sample ripped off from some other musicians work – you might have problems. Another situation when there are “cleared samples” involved in music production, cleared means that original author or rights owner gave permission to use it.

Seems like sampling can cause a lot of problems and it’s better to avoid it, right? – WRONG! ­čśÇ

Through history producers figured different creative ways to use samples and avoid problems. Take sample and pitch it down all the way – in result you get dope new sound to use in your work and no copyright claims. Win win situation. Chop sample into small pieces and map them on keys – then play with ’em using different rhythm/pitch and you could end up with more interesting sound than original tune. These and other methods were discovered thanks to curiosity of hip-hop pioneers and gear that was relevant decades ago and still is now.

Year 2017, most rap instrumentals consist of synthesized patterns. Sampling went deep underground, maybe because of fear of young artists to be caught using sampled production, maybe because media brainwashed majority of producers think that samples are not worth dealing with… No need to investigate further, picture is obvious – majority of beats/instrumentals in todays “rap/hip-hop” genre lacking that funk, soul, breaks which were present in Golden Era hip-hop.

In conclusion, word to rappers and producers who are reading this article: when you work on your new song or album and want it to stand out – analyze songs presented in your genre and make something different than others.

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