Sampling FEAR NOT

Sampling FEAR NOT

Yo! Today we talk about sampling – ancient technique which comes in handy while making dope rap beats.

And also we discuss modern teenagers fear of being caught while rapping to sampled music. Stay tuned!

For those who don’t know – sampling is an act when music producer take small (large, in some cases) part from any other musical piece to use it in his own work.

Some people hate on sampling, but they don’t know whats up. Hip-hop based on this technique of creating music and you simply cant beat it with synths, pianos and all that custom s**t!

GZA/Genius Wu Tang HiphopNow what I want to talk about is – does sampling really a legal thing? Well, from some point of view its basically stealing (starts evil laugh). If you are an artist well known worldwide and been caught with that sample ripped off from some other musicians work – boy you might have problems. Another situation here – you browsing for “cheap exclusive beats” or “buy exclusive beats” hoping for a good deal. And found good old sampled hiphop instrumentals. You should not worry because of reasons:

1) Nobody gonna chase you for nothing, if you are not making millions of bucks with your music then law sharks probably will have zero interest in opening a case against you for sampled tune you rap to.

2) Even if some of them will get really bored and will open a case – all they can get is a look at my middle finger, because you simply cant tell which tune was sampled (talking about COOL MIND production).

Must not forget how hiphop music originated. It was all about sampling and scratching and chopping and cutting! Nowadays most producers trying hard to create something new, as a result – hiphop culture starting to look like big pile of s**t.  I think that the power of samples is what hiphop really needs today.

Sampling FEAR NOT
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