Why Classic Rap Beats?

Talk about classic rap beats!

Is it really better to rhyme to classic beats? Lets find out!

If  you break it down to trends – you’ll see that the picture is very clear. Most rappers nowadays go trendy and prefer rap beats that titled [insert modern trendy rapper name here] type beats. Before you do so – ask yourself: – Do I really wanna sound like everybody else nowadays or do I want to stand out from the crowd? If you think that pop beats will get you somewhere – that’ll be junk yard. Why I’m so sure about it? Pop stuff works always one way, and that way is: You get picked by some businessman involved in media and he makes money on you. Your music could be total trash but money is everything in pop game and you’ll get boosted if your trash looks promising. Congratz you just become another project, main objective of which is: gather as much money for businessman and silently go down afterwards. Some people really interested to take part in this!


Good rhymes compared with classic beat is a step to success!

classic rap beatsRhymes are crucial. But choice of music is also very important. Picking a beat that similar to what most artists pick nowadays will put you nowhere. Market is overloaded with same type of production and it is hard to believe that future generations will remember this kind of music how 80’s and 90’s generation remember Golden Era days. So why waste good rhymes? Pick an uncommon beat and rock that sh*t homie! Doing so – will definitely put you in winning position due to originality.

Now about classic beats. Here you can find various combinations of beats and rap instrumentals, from chill soulful beats to dark and aggressive instrumentals. Free or Exclusive – choice is yours!

Of course you chose which way to go. Pop or underground. Shaky or rock solid. All that matters is how you see your craft.


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Why Classic Rap Beats?
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