Cheap Exclusive Beats

Cheap Exclusive Beats?

Expensive Beats? Let’s break it down!

Some cats nowadays think with whatever part of their body instead of brain. Don’t be like them. Don’t be too fast judging! When you see cheap exclusive beats price tag – check the product quality first! Then say what you gotta say.

There are different price variations on rap beats market, some dudes charge up to $1000 for exclusive beat, some go full retard and sell 10 beats for $1… They have their reasons for doing that. Here is some intel:


Cheap Exclusive BeatsWhen producer put $1000 price tag on his production then probably he is already a big shot in the industry and purchasing his production will mean that you’ll have top grade product. Combine it with same level rhymes and you could end up like GZA. Why GZA? By the time I was writing this – I was listening to Words From The Genius album by Genius/GZA which was produced by Easy Mo Bee, legendary producer who is still rocking SP1200 sampler… and the reason I telling you this is that Easy Mo Bee actually charged around $1000 for each beat on that album and got around 10k for all production for that joint (one of my favorite btw!) I learned that from one of his interviews. Mo Bee was legendary enough to charge that price and that joint considered classic.


Now there are dudes with their sites who charge about $1k for rap beats which they consider “hot”. Nuff Said. Just add HOT to one of your tags, name your so called production “lil whatever type beat” and wait for someone to buy it. I feel sorry for whoever actually bought it.

Also there “producers” who make wack trap beats. Really how can someone be serious about their hip-hop when they make only that ind of stuff, not original at all just copycats and there are tons of them all over intenetz.

Now there is joint. Where you can dig beats and drop your lyrics. Just check it 😀

Exclusive hip-hop beats


Cheap Exclusive Beats
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