Block Party

Yo! Beats and instrumentals diggers!

I was wondered – do you still rock block parties or all you do now is stay in line to fancy clubs?

block party beats & instrumentalsIf you attended a real block party even once – you probably know whats up. For those who don’t know: Block party is an act when you grab your sound system which can contain various items depends on what time you addicted to, oldschool heads grab turntables and speakers, those ones who like portability – could’ve grabbed only boombox, newschool dudes grab laptop and portable dj controller, or even only laptop (which is not cool! haha), you call your friends, take your equipment and step out of your apartment to the street to blast the music as loud as possible and have a good time and have fun and all of that (until some of the neighbours call the cops).

The beauty of block party in my opinion is that its strictly DIY thing. Its about having fun, not “showing off” as some of you might think.

Now what I see today is that most people go to clubs.

To me, clubs is commercial thing which main objective is to bring money to their owners. Most of the times you wouldn’t see hardcore underground artists there, because their rhymes will probably make you embarrassed and none of the managers would like to invite them to perform. Stuff you most likely going to encounter in clubs is commercial music, drugs and shit.

If you want to have some really fun times I highly suggest you to learn about block parties and make one yourself. You will see the difference between fake club atmosphere and rock solid block party immediately!

Take whatever gear you got, even if its only a smartphone. Get a pair of really loud speakers, invite an MC (suggest him to dig some exclusive beats) and go rock on the street. And remember one more thing: block party has the spirit of hiphop!

Block Party
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